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Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips

As a website owner, getting your website on top of the search results is a must. This is because as you increase your websites appearance in the search results, you get to generate more traffic to your website which results to increased conversion. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo care less about your websites beautiful theme, instead they care more about things like file names, keywords, and alt tags. To ensure that your website is fully optimized for search engines, here are the top 7 search engine optimization tips.

Best Search Engine Optimization Tips

Remove anything that slows down your website

Remember that page load times are very important when it comes to your websites ranking in the SERPs. If there is anything non-essential that is slowing down your website, you should get rid of it. These may be large images, flash graphics, music players or any unnecessary plugins. Apart from these, also remember not to use black hat techniques or mirror html sites. If you do this you are most likely to be found by Google and they will punish you.

Link to internal pages on your website

Though most of the content management systems available tend to do this automatically, there are some that don’t. If yours does not, you should start linking your most important pages directly from your homepage and then cross link them together.

Update your website frequently

Blogs and directories tend to do well on search engines compared to other websites because they have dynamic content. Therefore, you should constantly update your website with new content to increase its ranking on the search results.

Exchange backlinks

One of the best search engine optimization tips is exchanging the backlinks with relevant websites that relate to the topics in your website. These should be websites that have high page ranking. Also remember to link in between pages within your website cautiously, but not every page.

Use search engine optimized themes

There are themes that use a lot of code in creating the layout and design compared to others. When you have more code, you will have less content since Google will have to wade through the source code in order to find your content. Since a websites performance is one of the criteria for determining it’s ranking, themes which are fast performing are very good for your website ranking.

Use keywords in your images

You should also use words that go hand in hand with the topic of your website as the title of the image, its description, and alt attributes. If the file name of the image does not reflect your main keyword, you should rename it into one that identifies with your main keyword.

Content is everything

Even if you manage to apply all the above tips and still create content that is not of high quality, they will not be very effective. Your content should be unique and of high quality primarily for your websites visitors. The texts should include keywords that highlight the overall theme of your content. When you do this, all the above types of optimization will be effective.